Legal Requirements:

Under the Marriage Act 1961, there are a number of obligations which must be met prior to your marriage being solemnised. 

  • You must complete and lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM) with your chosen Celebrant, a minimum of one month and maximum of 18 months before the marriage ceremony.
  • Both parties must be over 18 years of age.
    If either party are under 18, the parents’ consent and an order from a court of law must be obtained.  Please note that two persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to marry.
  • Original Birth certificates must be sighted (evidence of date and place of birth)
  • Passport (evidence of date and place of birth).
    The passport can be expired, but not cancelled.
    If the passport is an overseas passport and is not in English, a translation must be obtained from a NAATI accredited translator.
  • Driving Licence (photographic identification)
  • If you are divorced – Original of the Decree Absolute (or Court Annulment – if applicable)
  • If you are widowed – Original of the Death Certificate
  • There must be two witnesses over the age of 18 years (on the Wedding day)
  • If the use of an interpreter is required during the Ceremony, there are legal forms which must be completed and signed at the beginning and end of the ceremony.
  • You must both sign a Declaration of No Legal Impediment before your marriage is solemnised.
  • Fiancé Visa or Prospective Spouse Visa: You will need to lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage with your Celebrant who will then provide a letter to the Embassy where your visa application will be lodged.
My promise to you:

 As your Marriage Celebrant, I commit to providing you with:

  • An obligation free initial meeting.
  • Meetings, telephone calls, emails etc. as required in arranging your ceremony.
  • Preparation and lodgement of all legal documentation.
  • Presentation of Marriage Certificate and complimentary copy of the Marriage Ceremony at the completion of the ceremony.
  • Applying for your official Marriage Certificate with Births Deaths & Marriages after you are married (additional costs are incurred depending of the type of certificate you require).
  • Wireless PA system.
  • Fully dressed signing table and 2 chairs (if required), including pens for signing the register.
  • On site rehearsal 1-2 weeks before the ceremony.
  • Help and support every step of the way to creating a beautiful Ceremony.
  • My complete dedication to making your Ceremony everything you want it to be.